As a Schoolboy, I was always fascinated by the wonderful magazine- National Geographic, which my father had subscribed & was regularly reading. The Pictures of Nature, birds, places and people fascinated me and I was dreaming of taking a picture like those in the magazine.

Profile PhotoMy happiness knew no bounds, when I was bought a small compact P&S camera. I took pictures eagerly and put them on display in the school, whenever I had the opportunity. Gradually over a period, my mind was drawn towards nature & specially birds. I was fascinated by the birds. Their songs, their Life, their flight, everything drew my attention and held me spellbound. I was the happiest when I was out in a park, or playground observing & taking pictures of birds. It was no more a fascination, it transformed to a passion.

This passion wan ignited & enkindled, when my brother-in-law Mr. Mithun Hande, seeing my zeal & enthusiasm for photography, presented me a DSLR camera. This was the beginning; I would wait for a whole week for the week-end, to go out photographing birds.

It’s been a steady & long way since then. I have travelled to many habitats in the country to photograph the species unique to those regions. I would wait for the first opportunity to go out to new locations & habitats to record the species of that region.

In this journey of Photography of mine, I met some stalwarts in the field. I was drawn to them to their skills, knowledge, experience and above all their humane friendliness & willingness to Share their Knowledge, experience and further Hone my Skills.

I can never forget to mention Mr. Ragoo Rao, who shared & tutored me his knowledge on birds & birding, introducing me to habitats. Mr. Clement Francis, the unrivalled Master of Bird Photography, who has set a Standard in bird photography, is to be thankfully quoted here for his fine-tuning my photographic skills. He literally taught me the finer aspects of photography. Mr. Suresh Basavaraju, an accomplished nature photographer, with many wonderful Images, admired by every nature photographer has been my inspiration. Last but not the least I would like to thank Mr. Nanjan Dharman and Mr. Bheeman for their continuous support and encouragement.

I thank Mr. Ragoo Rao for contributing his support & guidance in creating this web-site, with his knowledge & experience. My wife, the most important person in my life, can never be thanked enough for all the support she has extended me to venture out into this passionate hobby of mine. She has been a continuous support to me throughout. I am currently working with a multinational Bank in Bangalore.